Because of many unknown variables for each delivery, the fee will be calculated once we confirm your details. If you would like a quote before purchasing, you can contact us 

As a general rule, our basic delivery fee within Tokyo 23 wards is $75 or yen equivalent. Several items can be combined together for that fee. This fee is based on a one man delivery service, to your doorstep (the driver can assist you, but can not carry items on his own).

At the moment, we are able to deliver to within about 100 KM of central Tokyo, including Yokohama, Atsugi, Yokosuka, Yokota and Saitama. The fee will be a minimum of $100 for small items and $150 for heavy or large items.

For delivery to other parts of Japan, please contact us first.

We do offer international delivery worldwide, but generally to a port near you. Customs clearance and transport from the port will need to be arranged by you or a customs broker hired by you. We can provide all necessary documents to make the transaction as smooth as possible.

Some locations are very difficult to drive to and will require extra care and time. In these cases, the fee will be adjusted. If you live in an apartment, make sure your elevator is large enough for the items you purchased. Delivery fee is non-refundable if you find the item can not fit into a doorway or elevator. We cannot carry heavy furniture more than one flight of stairs unless previously agreed upon. Please provide all relevant details directly after your purchase so that we can prepare accordingly.

Specially heavy items, such as live edge tables, will require additional help to carry. The tables range in weight between 80 KG and 300 KG depending on their length and thickness. We can organize enough personnel to carry the table into your home for additional fees.

Small items such as jewelry and small vases will be sent by Yamato (local) or EMS (international) and charged upon checkout.

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