Teak Wood

Teak is the most misunderstood material to consumers, because the grade of the teak will have great impact on the uses and the durability of the finished product.

Grade A Teak- it is the heartwood of the log; the very core and center. This is the part of the tree which contains the most oils, and the least water. This is what protects the wood in a finished product, from drying, cracking, warping, rotting or becoming infested with pests. The oils also protect the wood from mildew and mold. Grade A teak is most suited for patio or outdoor furniture as it can withstand the harsh rays of the sun, rain, and extreme temperatures. Unfinished grade A teak can be left outdoors without treatment and will last decades. You may only need to sand off dirt or food and beverage stains from time to time.

The grain is tight, dense, and mostly uniform. In it's raw state, the color will be golden brown. Teak that is untreated will change to a light grey patina after several months. This is normal and will not affect the durability or quality of your furniture. If the golden color is preferred, a light sanding will bring the golden hue back, but will need to be repeated once or twice a year. Small end checks are normal also and are not considered a defect.

Please note that grade A teak furniture will cost 30-50% more than grade B, but the longevity of your furniture will more than make up for the price difference.

Grade B Teak -is the layer of wood around the heartwood. It is still a good quality wood for indoor and even some outdoor furniture, but does not compare to grade A for the amount of oils it contains and the durability. For indoors, this is not really a problem as the furniture is protected from the elements and will last a lifetime. Grade B is sometimes treated and stained to look like grade A. If an item is sold at a very low price, you can be certain it is not in fact grade A teak. The grain pattern is not as tight and some knots may show.

Grade C Teak -is the sapwood of the log. This is the very outer layer of the tree and contains the most water, which goes up the tree to provide water for leaves and branches. Grade C has uneven grain pattern, ranging in color from light beige, to grey, to golden and has knots showing. It will generally dry more unevenly and may warp or crack. Grade C may be acceptable for indoor furniture if the wood has been properly kiln dried, but the risk of cracking or warping is much higher. Grade C teak is not recommended for Patio furniture.

Artemodo teak furniture is mainly constructed from grade B teak from plantation for indoor teak furniture. We also have a fairly inexpensive grade B patio furniture line, however, we recommend ordering in grade A teak for outdoors if you are looking for something that can be passed down to the next generation.