Live Edge Suar Table on wooden legs


Beautiful and unique, our live edge tables are made from one slab of suar wood. Suar has striking grain pattern which is also interlocking and helps protect it from cracking and warping.

Suar, also known as Monkey Pod or Rain Tree, is a non endangered, fast growing, tropical hardwood native to South America but widespread throughout the tropics. 

These slabs are each one of a kind table tops, with striking grain patterns.

Tables require basic assembling of the legs to the top with screws or bolts. Table comes with 2 wooden slab legs. Chairs sold separately. Care information provided

Please consider the size of your home/elevator/stairway before ordering or purchasing.

We have a high turnover for these tables. Please contact us for in stock photos and sizes. If the size you are looking for is unavailable, you can order a custom made table to your requirements. Additional information here

Delivery will be calculated based on variables such as location and specific requirements from the customer and will be charged COD. Please visit our Delivery page for more information.